Advantages of Hydroseeding

Over Broadcast (Dry) Seeding
  • Quicker Germination
  • Better moisture retention
  • Better seed to soil contact
  • Hydroseeding mulch contains no weed seed unlike straw or hay
  • Better results at a similar cost
  • Areas such as hillsides and narrow areas that are difficult or impossible to dry seed can be done easily
  • No straw or netting to remove
  • One step and very uniform application
  • Holds soil in place better than dry seeding

Over Sod

Sod provides instant gratification but there are advantages to hydroseeding over sod. As someone once commented, hydroseeding is a lot like sod but you eliminate the middle man.

The advantages of hydroseeding over sod are:

  • You can have a sod quality lawn in a few weeks for less than 1/3 the cost of sod
  • Both hydroseeding and sod require watering but the watering requirements for hydroseeding are less
  • Hydroseeding grows the lawn on your soil and is not a different soil that is transplanted
  • The problem of sod not “taking” is eliminated.
  • With sod the roots are cut very short and the sod goes through some shock during shipment and installation


A1 Hydroseeding is a member of the International Association of Hydroseeding Professionals.

HydroSeeding In Place Of Erosion

Control Blankets

With some of the newer hydroseeding materials that have come on the market it is now possible to save time and money by seeding difficult areas that formerly required labor intensive erosion control blankets.Products such as ProPlus (Jet Spray® Pourable Fiber Mulch with FiberMax™) and FGM (Flexible Growth Media) will provide superior erosion control and fast turf establishment with up to 8 times less labor than erosion control blankets. Unlike blankets these erosion control products bond directly to the soil surface and both hold better and require less surface preparation. On less demanding applications standard hydroseeding materials do an excellent job.

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